Creating positive change in the world through the power of networks

A rich life is filled with meaningful relationships, generosity and connection. This was the inspiration for Battery Powered, a social giving club that leverages the power of community to marshal resources for people and organizations on the forefront of social change.

Together members go on a learning journey and use the power of their relationships to support breakthrough solutions to social challenges. The program focuses on three themes a year and allows the members to engage monthly in way that is a both fun and rewarding.

Battery Powered gives its members an easy entry point. The model is not only successful–it is replicable and scalable for all kinds of communities who are ready to learn together in a new way and make space in their lives for love and generosity, fun and joy.


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In 2014, Michael and Xochi Birch saw a transformational opportunity to use their social club, The Battery, to unleash the power of collaborative giving that comes when people organize around a common purpose.

For participating organizations, Battery Powered is an opportunity to share their ideas and solutions with a group prominent social leaders and have the chance to receive significant investments in their programs. Battery Powered members gain access to world-class experts and change-makers through an efficient, elegant and rewarding process. With their peers, members can choose to go deeper into the areas in which they are passionate.

Both members and participants have a part to play in making a brighter future–capital and practitioners coming together to solve vital social problems.


In less than a year, Battery Powered and Amplifier have activated one of the most successful giving communities in the United States. Battery Powered, which has grown from 100 to over 650 members, has taken on significant issues such as poverty eradication, mass incarceration and early childhood education. Three new themes this year will open new doors to increasing interaction and impact.

Battery Powered’s investments in organizations like New Way of Life, Playworks, Crisis Text Line and dozens more are now examples for those who are ready to experience the joy that comes from connecting people around a common cause. Battery Powered is applying new thinking to old problems and in turn is disrupting systems to re-imagine the world. It has shown that innovative thinking and a philosophy of leveraged philanthropy is a powerful and proven model that is ready to be replicated by like-minded networks.

We invite you to contact us today if you or your organization is interested in cultivating and growing a networked approach to generosity that will spur innovation and scale impact.


Combining modern philanthropic goals with cutting edge issues, Battery Powered exceeded all first-year goals.


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“Start by getting more people involved. Inspire people, involve people, and transform their minds. Build a coalition of the willing.”

Marc Benioff