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Collaborative Initiatives are a new kind of philanthropy that uses the incredible power of networks to scale breakthrough solutions with global potential. Angel investors, global partners, implementing organizations and inspired contributors work together to take proven solutions to scale. Members amplify their impact while building meaningful, lasting relationships.

Each initiative is powered by the spirit and passion of its members. We invite you to an exclusive opportunity to experience the victories of people around the world and be a part of making history.

We can overcome extreme poverty within this generation

Learn how a group of global citizens are scaling the world’s most successful approaches to ending extreme poverty.

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A meaningful experience that sparks lasting change

Learn about a member-driven program that inspires Bay Area influencers to take collective action on society’s biggest challenges.

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accelerating positive change

Join a growing community of peers and experts who share your passion for social impact and your commitment to accelerating positive change. Start an Active Initiative, share your thoughts about a developing Coalition, or contact us to discover more impact-ready topics we are exploring.

Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal justice reform holds the powerful potential to transform lives in pursuit of a more just and equitable society. Now is the time to mend a broken system and help entire communities avoid the costly and traumatizing cycle of incarceration.

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Sustainable Health Care

Health care leaders have a growing desire for environmentally preferred products and services. Making health care delivery more sustainable is a transformative market opportunity that has enormous environmental and social benefits.

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Financial Inclusion

According to the World Bank, two billion people lack formal financial services. Innovators are bringing different types of financial-services to the financially excluded, enabling them to save and get loans. The result is more prosperity and reduced poverty.

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Mental Health

This age of mental discovery has tossed open the doors of possibility for the mental well-being of everyone. It is a ray of sunshine for the nearly one-third of Americans who suffer from various mental illnesses, often quietly, burdened by stigma born from a lack of understanding.

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