Exploring the next frontier of mental health

Amplifier team

Mental health impacts everyone. Mental wellness, a thriving state of well-being improved through new research on the brain, helps us all to:

  1. Engage fully in our work, play and express our potential
  2. Adapt to change and stress across the lifespan
  3. Have empathic and satisfying relationships

When it comes to mental health, we all have a personal story to tell. One of every four Americans will deal with a mental illness in their lifetime. It is safe to say everyone wants to expand our capacity to grow and experience the fullness of a healthy, vibrant life.

In 2014, both President Obama and The New York Times announced that the next great frontier of discovery in “inside your head.” This new exploration of the human brain connects us all. It offers hope and growth for individuals, families and communities.

“My life changed when my sister came up to me and told me she needed help,” said celebrated actress and mental health advocate Glenn Close. “The difficulty of saying that, and the courage it took is something that moves me.”

There is a vast innovative opportunity for direct impact. Solutions are coming from science and technology, just as they evolve from treatment rooms and policy shift. Holistic insights have cracked the code to end the silence of those suffering, improving treatment and care. Like a great splash in the pool of human potential, new insights into our brains ripple outward in countless, untold, surprisingly beautiful ways.

For further research:

  1. Thousands of new patents in neuroscience offer a glimpse of innovations that could soon be available, like real-time neuromonitoring, cognitive training video games and virtual reality treatments.
  2. A recent Center for Mental Health Services Fact Sheet, describes complementary approaches to mental health care.
  3. The mental health issue brief written for Battery Powered, a member-driven program that inspires Bay Area influencers to take collective action on society’s biggest challenges.

This very personal issue has inspired us to pursue what is possible for large-scale impact. We are uncovering many paths to needed social change around this vital health issue. We are seeking a committed band of partners who want to elevate best-in-class solutions.

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Amplifier looks for time-bound, scalable solutions to large-scale impacts as the foundation for our collaborative initiatives. We start with research to uncover strategies and proven solutions. We then build a coalition necessary to launch a theme that can effect change as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you’d like to learn more about the opportunities ahead for leaving your fingerprints on the place you call home, please contact us today.


Amplifier team