BRAC is the largest NGO in the world and a renowned leader in microfinance and poverty alleviation. Despite a 40-year track record and acclaim from the development community, BRAC’s work stayed under the radar. Now, its pioneering program to graduate people out of extreme poverty has been adapted by organizations in dozens of countries and validated by third-party research. With 95% success rates and international momentum around Graduation, BRAC is advancing global efforts to eradicate extreme poverty in this generation.


Amplifier recognized the potential of the Graduation approach to create large-scale systems change. By connecting BRAC to a network of capital–as well as offering technology and implementation support–we could scale a still-unknown development success story worldwide.

Amplifier’s solution was to launch Uplift, a Collaborative Initiative to end extreme poverty. With BRAC and Erol Foundation as anchor partners, Amplifier built Uplift’s multi-year program strategy and invited other key partners to join the movement. We worked closely with BRAC throughout program design so that we could build organizational capacity and communicate its success to stakeholders.



BRAC is truly a pioneer in sustainable development, and Amplifier helped give voice to the organization’s next great endeavor: answering the UN Sustainable Development Goals’ call for zero poverty by 2030. With the added support of the Uplift network and strategic partnership from Amplifier to create a consulting team, BRAC provides technical assistance to implement high-quality Graduation programs all over the world. Together, we are working to make extreme poverty a distant memory for the next generation.

"Amplifier recognized an extraordinary program inside our organization and helped us make it visible on the global stage. They have encouraged others to adopt it and accelerate opportunity for the poorest."

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed

Founder and Chairperson, BRAC

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