Climate change is the defining challenge of our time and finance has a critical role to play in the transition to a low-carbon economy. Amplifier, Erol Foundation, Stanford University’s Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance and the TomKat Charitable Trust identified an opportunity at the historic COP21 climate negotiations in Paris to bring together investors who collectively manage more than $1 trillion to discuss how they can play a pivotal role in accelerating investment in a sustainable economy.


Amplifier works to identify moments in time when strategic frameworks and actionable insights can be leveraged for positive social change. To serve the investor community, Amplifier analysts collected and curated tailored research on how to integrate climate change into investment decisions. During COP21, Amplifier and its partners convened influential figures from the climate and investment communities for a day-long investors summit. The event connected renowned leaders in science, policy, finance and technology who shared their findings and established networks among those in attendance.



The Climate & Capital investor summit brought together Vice President Al Gore, Rachel Kyte, Vice President and Special Envoy on Climate Change at the World Bank, and scores of renowned investors to collaborate on how to reduce emissions and increase resilience to climate change’s impacts – all while strengthening portfolios and economies. Ninety-seven percent of surveyed respondents said they gained information from the Climate & Capital event that will help them consider climate change in their investment decisions.

Attendees are now networked and can share best practices and investment opportunities. Amplifier continues to work with this community to identify opportunities for investment, including a forthcoming collaborative initiative to accelerate rural electrification, a massive need with 1 in 5 people without access to reliable electricity.

“Investment managers need to integrate climate change into their fiduciary duties, given both the consequences and opportunities that the low-carbon economy presents. Investors should know the opportunities with low-carbon investments as well as financial risks from ignoring the impact of climate change on markets.”

Sébastien Lépinard

Founder, Next World Group

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