Julie and Sébastien Lépinard established their family foundation, the Erol Foundation, with steady optimism. They saw great human potential to resolve widening imbalances in society with a clear and strategic approach. The Lépinards wanted to invest in ideas, leaders and models that would move the world toward a just, sustainable and prosperous future.


Amplifier’s approach to social change allows us to develop strategies to imagine a desired future and zero in on key moments where lasting impact is possible. Through a series of lively and reflective conversations with the founders, our team of researchers and strategists customized an investment approach with integrated core funding areas. Our digital team joined in to develop communications tools and a modern website to accompany Erol’s three-year strategic plan.



The Erol Foundation moved from making small exploratory grants to sponsoring multi-year Collaborative Initiatives, maximizing their impact in just one year. Erol has set the bar high, inspiring other families interested in boosting their impact to explore giving structures that work for them. Whether through their leadership in cutting-edge climate research or their commitment to participating in their work first hand on a Learning Journey, Erol has proven that smart business builds smart philanthropy.

"We engaged Amplifier when we were just getting started and the partnership has exceeded our expectations on how we could experience philanthropy and the level of impact we could make."

Sebastien and Julie Lepinard

Founders, The Erol Foundation

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