If managed properly, the commercial fishing industry could be one of the most vital and sustainable supply chains in the world. Fisheries management is often bogged down by slow, paper-based data collection around fishing quotas and sustainable harvesting practices. A centralized platform could drastically improve economic, environmental and social outcomes through cost-efficient, data-driven and highly participatory fisheries co-management.


Amplifier engaged our digital team to work with local fishermen to explore how technology could help ensure sustainable catch quota and preserve a vibrant livelihood for the next generation of fishermen. We collaborated with the Cape Cod Fisheries Trust, the Nature Conservancy and several generous funders to build an online application and data collection suite called The Fish Hub. The Hub would provide a suite of customized tools to collect data and track catch quota while supporting community stewardship.



The Fish Hub has connected fishing communities across the US through an internal network where data can be easily and securely shared and monitored. The Hub is equipped with customizable features that allow them to create business plans for each year’s fishing quota activities and access quota limits and permits digitally to save time and increase communication. The first-of-its-kind platform can be replicated and scaled to keep fishing communities sustainable and vibrant.

"There are more rules and regulations every year. With the Fish Hub and having all of our things online, it's starting to get easier. The Fish Hub program has helped us cut down our time by a quarter. It helps for this year and for the years to come because we have developed our financials, our business planning and with easy-to-use tools, we can now improve and look into the future to build the business."

Sheila Hoogeboom

Director, Program Manager, Community Development Partnership

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