The Libra Foundation is a family foundation that has had a robust grant-making strategy for over a decade. When Libra’s leadership set the goal of increasing its capacity to invest in priority areas that matter most to the foundation–such as human rights and social justice issues– the board turned to Amplifier for guidance.

Together we set out to create a transformational opportunity for Libra by answering key questions: How could impact investing enable the foundation to generate a measurable, beneficial social impact alongside a financial return? How could Libra become an even better steward of its resources by moving away from investments that did not reflect its core values? And how could investment capital build equity in communities?


Amplifier and Libra came together to explore values and establish its commitments around impact investment. An Environmental, Social And Governance (ESG) screening of Libra’s portfolio revealed investments that were not aligned with its core values; and Amplifier and the family’s asset managers worked together to launch a new impact investment framework and an impact investment committee.



In partnership with the amplifier team, the foundation began a journey that has led them to work towards 100% alignment of the endowment with their mission. By activating their full portfolio for impact, libra can effectively mobilize a deeper pool of capital that greatly extends their social reach.

"Amplifier helped us integrate our values into our investment portfolio and find new ways to invest in companies that are creating a positive future."

Regan Pritzker

Board Member, Libra Foundation

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