Resources Legacy Fund (RLF) was already a respected philanthropic intermediary when it proposed its most ambitious undertaking to date. The California Water Foundation was conceived as a 10-year initiative to promote the reliable and sustainable water supply. Now it was time to pull the elements together into an initiative strategy and implementation plan that potential donors, partners and other stakeholders could embrace with excitement and confidence.


Amplifier and the California Water Foundation put our heads together to worked with the team to develop the initiative’s logic model—a complex process that resulted in a simple snapshot of how the initiative would generate specific outcomes by achieving particular goals. The model also encapsulated the initiative’s assumptions, resources and strategies. Amplifier led design of an impact measurement framework and business plan that included preliminary performance indicators for each goal and methodologies for data collection.



Today, the California Water Foundation is making catalytic, entrepreneurial and ongoing investments in California’s water system. The Foundation is providing incentives and tools to better manage water resources, supporting critical and innovative demonstration projects, technologies and research, and engaging broad-based coalitions in decisions about the state’s water future.

“Resources Legacy Fund works in a complex universe. We often find it difficult for consultants to grasp the nuances in short order. Amplifier’s team was able to do so and give RLF the expert support it needed quickly and effectively.”

Mary Scoonover

Executive Vice President, Resources Legacy Fund

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