We are a social impact agency

We believe that the power of philanthropy is amplified
when it is strategic and managed for results.

Our story

Amplifier Strategies was created to help philanthropists and social enterprises become more strategic and impactful. At first, we focused on program research, design and performance measurement, and with each engagement, we saw that our clients also wanted support in the next steps of implementation: communication, partner engagement and collaboration, and managing knowledge and data for learning and decision making over time. Today we are a team of strategists, designers and technologists working together to deliver an integrated set of capabilities across the entire program management lifecycle. Each one of us shares a common commitment to apply our professional and technical skills to the mission of creating a more humane and sustainable world.

Our approach

We customize our engagements to each client's unique context and stage of development, investing deeply in learning about the mission, history and current challenges your organization is facing. By offering a comprehensive package for philanthropists, mission investors and social enterprises in each stage of the journey, we are able to be very flexible. For example, some clients approach us with a request for proposal to address a specific aspect of their organization, and others come to us with a passion or programmatic theme that they would like to research and fund over time. In either case, we operate in a partnership model, where we define success for the project for our firm, as well as for how the project will advance the organization's mission and priorities. Then we stay the course from design to implementation.

Most of our work products are delivered directly to external audiences. We are willing to operate on the front lines or behind the scenes. In either case, we align our interests with our clients and deliver a high quality solution every time.

Our team

Allison Duncan  |  Founder and CEO
Chantal Buard  |  Head of Design & Technology
Todd Thille  |  Lead Developer
Barbie Lucio-Bartoli  |  Project & Account Manager
Jason Zien  |  Lead Architect
Jill Minkus  |  Non-Profit & Philanthropy Consultant
Nicolas Funke  |  Web Engineer
Abbey Banks  |  Director of Family and Individual Philanthropy
Garance Rey  |  Business Operations Intern
Pratibha Guha  |  Executive Assistant
Liat Rorer  |  Director of Strategic Services
Maria Caprio  |  Lead Consultant
Yanin Kramsky  |  Designer
Wren Brennan  |  Copywriter
Bill Coffin  |  Accounting Manager
Aditi Bahri  |  Designer
Britt-Marie Alm  |  Lead Consultant

Where we work


San Francisco / Paris


English / French / Spanish / German / Russian / Hindi / Turkish