• Amplifier is uniquely structured to scale proven solutions.

    Amplifier believes that modern philanthropy combines knowledge, technology, finance and networks to solve the toughest social and environmental challenges. We have built a one-of-a-kind agency to give our partners access to a multidisciplinary team to imagine, design and implement strategies to create a desired future.

  • Amplifier listens to the global voices who are reshaping the world.

    Changemakers must be ready to capitalize on opportunities. This means putting the right talent in place and setting up fluid systems to marshal sustainable resources. Amplifier works with our partners to bring together all the critical components of the social change lifecycle into a seamless system that can turn pivotal moments into game-changing, scalable solutions.

  • Amplifier helps our partners envision and achieve a desired future.

    Future-oriented leaders visualize where the world is going and in response create organizations that are more hopeful, more competitive and better prepared. Amplifier’s deep cross-sector experience in finance, philanthropic trends and societal shifts allows us to better prepare for what is to come. We strive to create new models for philanthropy that will stand the test of time.

  • Amplifier finds system shifts that can change the world.

    Emerging philanthropies and social sector innovators understand how one system shift can change the world. We can break cycles of intergenerational poverty and environmental degradation by understanding how to alter connections between and within systems. Amplifier works exclusively with entrepreneurial leaders who share our commitment to creating a future where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

  • Amplifier uses 21st-century tools and an agile methodology to achieve audacious results.

    Modern philanthropy means building new networks that use evidence-based approaches, new insights, finance and the latest digital tools to harness the power of what is now possible. Amplifier’s modern approach gives us the flexibility to set up every engagement so that they are tailored to the unique opportunities presented by the challenge.

Our Method

Gain efficiency, speed and simplicity by working with a single source partner.

Integrated Capabilities

  • Digital

    Amplifier's 21st-century approach to digital combines human-centered design, data science and custom tech platforms to inspire support and action. Our partners gain the ability to achieve excellence in modern digital communications and campaigns.

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  • Investing

    Impact investing is unlocking large amounts of capital for social good. It unleashes market forces and business solutions for scale and reach. Amplifier will help you find ways to activate all types of capital for the change you seek.

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  • Philanthropy

    Few decisions are more personal and profound than how you choose to engage in philanthropy. Amplifier will help you use all the modern approaches to achieve your goals.

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Philanthropy Investing Experiences Consulting Digital
  • Consulting

    Amplifier will help you take advantage of opportunities today and anticipate the ones you will face in the future. Our team listens to your needs and leverages research, tools, and fresh thinking to help you bring innovative solutions to life.

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  • Experiences

    The power of connection at the perfect moment can change a life. Amplifier's online communities, themed events and powerful networks bring people together to create communities for learning and partnership.

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