Let's do something together.

We look at every tool in the toolbox to create breakthroughs in complex social and environmental issues.

Wherever you are on your philanthropic journey, we'll customize a set of services to advance your work and achieve results.

We've worked at all scales of philanthropy, from some of the largest portfolios to some of the nimblest family foundations. Regardless of size, our clients know that impact requires a strategic approach, great processes and powerful partnerships. They're looking for efficiency and effectiveness. They want to adopt industry best practices and cutting-edge tools in a way that works for them. Large, small or somewhere in between, we understand the context you work in and can offer tangible solutions. It's a long-term journey – we'll stay the course with you.


Philanthropists & Mission Investors

Looking for a modern approach to creating positive social change? Amplifier Strategies partners with you to make strategic decisions that amplify your impact on the issues you care about most. Together, we draw on our network of relationships, experience in the field and capacity to use the latest communication and technology tools. We understand how to customize best practices in philanthropy and mission investing for you.

Services offered


Shaping Your Vision

You know your values. Whether you are now discovering your areas of interest or are already deeply committed to your passions, we get to know you first. Then, we help you develop a set of long-term priorities and identify the way forward.


Program Strategy

Every program needs a roadmap for success. We work with you to create a plan of action that includes the right opportunities, relationships and timing to achieve the greatest impact.


Philanthropy Management

Successful philanthropy and mission investing requires coordinating input from many different people and disciplines. We integrate into your existing family infrastructure to increase your capacity and time to do more of what you love. We increase your capacity and time to do more of what you love.


Strategic Services

There are moments you wish your team were three times bigger. We have the talent and flexibility to expand your capacity at the right moments of the social change lifecycle. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with change makers to strengthen partnerships and make them succeed.


Impact Investing

If you're thinking that impact investing means something different to everyone you meet, you're not alone. It is a rapidly evolving and complex field. We help you navigate it successfully, working with you to outline the opportunities that fit with your priorities and capital structures.

Nonprofits & Social Enterprises

Amplifier Strategies defines a program or project as successful when we can show how the work has advanced the organization's mission and priorities. We partner with you to leverage your organizational capacity and extend your reach by providing a suite of services that increase your effectiveness in three critical areas: strategy, communication and technology.

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A sound strategy is the keystone of your organization's ability to thrive. We'll help you build one that will clarify your mission, drive program development, strengthen fundraising and promote sound fiscal management.



You have a story you want to share with the world. We'll help you make the right strategic communications choices to increase your audience, clarify your brand, deliver consistent and compelling messages and establish metrics to track the impact of your communications.



Technology: it's either your best friend or the bane of your existence. We'll guide you through the complexities while introducing you to our in-house suite of technology solutions that increase efficiency and expand your reach.

Purpose-driven Corporations

Adding value for all stakeholders – that's today's business mantra. We partner with corporations to make social change a part of their business, guiding them to select the most strategic options available. We'll help you understand how best-in-class companies in your industry are advancing, and build programs that increase brand equity and drive customer, community and employee engagement.

Services offered



You know your core business: we know ours – social change. Partner with our experienced team to clarify your goals and articulate your values for all audiences. Then, drawing on our suite of services, launch a new social responsibility program and develop the innovative partnerships that will drive greater impact.

Learning Journeys: Out of the office and into the field

Ready to take the first steps toward lasting solutions? To turn ideas and passions into projects that move the needle? Each Learning Journey is a chance to collaborate with like-minded philanthropists and experience revolutionary breakthroughs in research.

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