Financial inclusion spurs economic growth

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The ability to secure money in a bank or to take a loan can spur tremendous financial growth for a family. It is a basic building block of inclusion that can make a dramatic difference.

This opportunity for impact exists because 2 billion working-age adults, according to the World Bank, lack this basic access. A track record of large-scale change has begun, thanks in part to the evolution of microcredit in recent years. Those in developing countries become valuable financial clients to the tune of a $70 billion industry.

This sustainable, private-sector opportunity opens the door for economic impact among those who need it most. Various studies have shown that appropriate financial services improve household welfare and spur small enterprise activity. This shift in local economies tends to accelerate growth and reduce income inequality.

We have learned that the economically disadvantaged throughout the world need access to the full range of financial services to generate income and build assets. Microfinance alone can not do it.

Learn more about the vast opportunities for global impact:

  1. Innovations are enabling previously “unbanked” people in developing countries to gain access to credit and financial services at a historic level.
  2. The Center for Financial Inclusion is mobilizing focus toward a goal of full inclusion by 2020.
  3. More than 75 percent of Kenyans and roughly half the country’s GDP flows through new mobile technologies, according to The Economist.

We have an opportunity to create economic equality for all through financial inclusion that shatters barriers that often block the poor from rising.

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