Shaping the cities we call home

Amplifier team

“A real-life city is a malleable and teeming landscape, where ever-changing populations put our buildings and spaces to their own desired use. Some sights are familiar; others come and go. The thing they all share is the ground beneath our feet.”

— John King, San Francisco Chronicle

The slow crawl to suburbia that defined the 20th century has swerved and turned and headed straight back into the pulse of urban life.

Our cities are dramatically changing, as is the expectation of what life can be like within them. We know every city has a pulse, a life and is evolving in a given direction. Decisions and investments will chart that course for better or worse.

Cities around the world are acting as pilot projects for successful strategies, many of which are focused on environmental impact. Transportation strategies are coming from diverse places like Bogata and Melbourne. Mexico City is confronting its air quality, and San Francisco is a model for waste management.

What is often ignored is that this process of building a sustainable, vibrant city for the vast swath of diverse people who call it home takes intentional effort. A city’s change does not just “happen,” though, for many of us, it may seem that way. We have a role to play. It is an inspiring role, one with a passionate call to help define the place we call home.

We believe in the priority of home, of putting our expertise to work in shaping cities that work for all. We have continued the conversation by looking at how affordability fuels our future prosperity. We are wading into the complex issues in search of vital points of leverage that can best shape the future of a sustainable city. We are discovering how advocacy around basic needs, such as the right to housing and viable employment, creates sound policies and open opportunities for philanthropic support.

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Amplifier looks for time-bound, scalable solutions to large-scale impacts as the foundation for our collaborative initiatives. We start with research to uncover strategies and proven solutions. We then build a coalition necessary to launch a theme that can effect change as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you’d like to learn more about the opportunities ahead for leaving your fingerprints on the place you call home, please contact us today.


Amplifier team