A new era for social impact.

This is an exciting time to be active in philanthropy. We have access to more tools, capital and proven strategies to confront society’s greatest challenges than ever before. In response, modern philanthropists want greater involvement and to see real change happen as quickly as possible. Amplifier works with partners to understand their commitment to philanthropy and offers a full-service partnership to help guide them where they need to go.

Make the most of giving back.

Imagine a sustainable, limitless future. Partner with Amplifier to discover the best way to bring it into the world. We are a partner in creating a plan of action that includes the right opportunities, relationships and timing to achieve the greatest impact. We surround the effort with a wide array of modern tools and resources to achieve mission-driven goals. Together with our partners we:

  1. Define their passion and clarify their commitment
  2. Research issue areas by doing a rigorous landscape analysis and calling on industry experts
  3. Design program strategies that are achievable, measurable and inspiring
  4. Manage programs from A to Z, with clear governance, grant management, financial accountability and reporting.

What else can we do for you?

See how our other integrated services can support your goals.


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Partner with a team for breakthrough results.

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Accelerate change with digital solutions.

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Get closer to what is possible.

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