The Arcus Foundation has emerged as a leader in the movement to advance LGBT equality in the United States and globally. At the same time, the Foundation leads a robust conservation program to protect great apes and their habitats. Both programs are designed to create a more humane world but in two very different ways. If Arcus could communicate the value of its diverse program areas to its network of stakeholders, together they could uncover a path to future alignment and success.


At Amplifier, we’re in the business of building pathways to impact. The Arcus Foundation challenged our consulting team to craft a strategy that would capture a broad pursuit of social justice while detailing targeted goals and performance measures across funding areas. We designed toolsets for each of Arcus’ portfolios, logic models that translated theories of change into roadmaps and meaningful indicators that aligned with the foundation’s actual work.



Arcus now has tools to make critical decisions and and stay the course toward greater equality. Across program portfolios, Arcus gained clarity about stakeholder expectations and used new management frameworks to deepen relationships with grantees and donors. A tailored evaluation system—developed with the senior program director and experts in the field—helps the foundation course correct where needed, connecting individual grants to economically, culturally and socially responsible outcomes.

"We have developed strategies to engage with diverse leaders and actors in the conservation and global human rights movements. Amplifier helped us take our institutional values and provide structure to them to ensure we can engage effectively and adapt to a constantly changing environment."

Annette Lanjouw

Vice President Strategic Initiatives & Great Ape Program, Arcus Foundation

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