The Skoll Foundation has grown a community of social enterprises that are redefining the meaning of business as usual. From the US to Africa, Skoll supported social enterprises are in the vanguard of social innovation. If effectively networked, Skoll’s social-impact partners could work together to build a more peaceful, sustainable and prosperous world.


Amplifier’s unique expertise in the fields of philanthropy, digital marketing and investments aligned with Skoll’s determination to revolutionize its network. We worked together to visualize what an overhaul of Skoll’s digital model could enable. Skoll and Amplifier would transform Skoll’s expansive network into an online community of collaborative innovation and new partnerships.



Skoll’s new digital platform—the first of its kind—is driving new ways of connecting, sharing and thinking that is bringing together the most accomplished social entrepreneurs of our time. The result is a website that tells Skoll’s powerful story and an online network that is transforming once harmful systems into new sustainable systems that work for people and the planet.

“We’re not talking about social media, websites, apps, blogs, channels or Salesforce—those are just tools. This is about creating outcomes in relationships for the field, breaking down silos internally and learning as a network.”

Jeff Skoll

Founder and Chairman, Skoll Foundation

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