The Cape Cod Fisheries Trust is one of the first community-led permit banks in the nation, a readily scalable innovation in fisheries management. Tucked away in Cape Cod’s tight-knit fishing community, CCFT needed a way to communicate its impact to prospective communities, key policymakers and investors.


Amplifier integrates leading management consulting capabilities to help our partners strategize the best path forward to meet their goals. For CCFT, the solution was a robust and streamlined evaluation system with success indicators and a method for collecting and analyzing data that would help fishing businesses thrive. This partnership laid the foundation for the Trust to engage new partners, influence key policies and get fishermen in on the discussion of the future of fisheries management.



The Trust has the tools to oversee fishing business growth and protect marine resources critical to the next generation of fishermen. Alongside Amplifier and other key partners, CCFT continues to solve data management challenges to bring greater clarity and collaboration to the industry with the Fish Hub platform. Together, we have forged a new and promising model for other fishing communities that are working to save their fish, their fleets and preserve a way of life.

“The Fish Hub has really helped efficient management of the Cape Cod Fisheries Trust. We are able to communicate externally about the CCFT program so we can use the Hub as a place where other communities can learn about what we’re up to. Our fishermen clients can also communicate...in an easy way for the staff to oversee. It’s been a timesaver for many of our fishermen.”

Paul Parker

Director, Cape Cod Fisheries Trust

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