Living Goods operates a network of community health promoters who go door to door selling life-saving medicines and other household products to families in need. Health promoters make a living from their sales while distributing critical medicines such as antimalarials and vitamin-fortified foods. If public and private sector partners knew more about the power of Living Goods’ successful model for women, children and entrepreneurs, it would be replicated in markets everywhere it is most needed.


Amplifier is home to experienced communications strategists and talented designers. Living Goods asked Amplifier to help it create a digital platform that was as effective and flexible as its sales model. The platform had to tell Living Goods’ story to diverse audiences and guide them through a logical framework that was clear, concise and compelling. Amplifier partnered with Living Goods to build a responsive website, sales deck and other assets to touch both the head and heart.



Living Goods now has customized digital tools to maximize engagement. Potential replication partners can find out everything about the social enterprise they need to know to get involved, and Living Goods has access to insightful data to measure success when reaching its target audiences. By effectively communicating inspiring stories of health entrepreneurs and the children they serve, Living Goods is expanding into Myanmar, Zambia and exploring other partnerships the world over.

"Living Goods' strategy increasingly demands that we deeply influence how the biggest institutions plan, finance and implement community health. Amplifier helped take our message and storytelling to new heights."

Chuck Slaughter

Founder and President, Living Goods

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