Award-winning contemporary dance company at 836M Gallery

Amplifier team

We are delighted to announce that on March 15836M Gallery, adjacent to the Amplifier office, will transition into a living laboratory of artistic incubation for resident artists Wendy Rein and Ryan T. Smith, founders of RAWdance.

About RAWDance

Drawing inspiration from the French Natural History Museum’s La Salle des Espèces Menacées et Disparues (gallery of endangered and extinct species), this performance installation from RAWdance and their collaborators will mine the tales of creatures from the natural world now lost, and reflect on the passing of a generation of groundbreaking dance makers. Among other notions it asks: How do we keep their essence alive?

The gallery itself becomes an immersive space and stage for this evolving-in-real-time collaboration with celebrated scenic designer/engineer Sean Riley. It will include a company of six dancers in a project that advances a set of physical and visual responses to questions of extinction and de-extinction, loss and legacy.

When to see RAWDance

Live weekly installation and rehearsals begin March 15 and continue each Tuesday and Thursday from 5-7pm, Fridays from 12-3pm.

Please feel free to come visit Amplifier while you’re seeing the installation.


Amplifier team