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Every year more than 600,000 American citizens return to communities across the country after time served in prison. While we’ve long thought this release represented paying “a debt to society,” the reality is the cost, both to the individual and society will continue to cycle long after the prison term ends.

Despite long odds and numerous obstacles, many succeed in returning to productive lives. Many more will succeed if given a proper opportunity to use their skills and desire to rebuild their lives in a productive fashion.

Decades of indifference have given way to a great surge of interest in criminal justice reform. Bipartisan, cross-sector consensus has arrived. 2016 is a critical moment for systemic change. The will to act has never been greater.

Since 2014, Amplifier has dug into the complex issues related to reform. We have activated a climate of philanthropic interest in opportunities for scaling pilot programs that work. Our research has taught us that we can scale innovative, comprehensive solutions from the first point of police contact to the last meeting of supervision.

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  1. The Prison Entrepreneurial Program in Texas has provided a social ROI of more than 300 percent, according to a study by Baylor University.
  2. In 2014, The Last Mile launched the first computer coding curriculum in a United States prison.
  3. The Reforming California’s Prison System issue brief written for Battery Powered, a member-driven program that inspires Bay Area influencers to take collective action on society’s biggest challenges.
  4. John Legend has spent a year studying the issues of prison reform as part of his nationwide nonprofit campaign, #freeamerica.

We need visionary champions for justice and economic renewal of one of the most pressing issues of our time to join us on our journey. We are seeking committed partners who will help us elevate and activate dynamic change now when the entire country is seeking answers.

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Amplifier looks for time-bound, scalable solutions to large-scale impacts as the foundation for our collaborative initiatives. We start with research to uncover strategies and proven solutions. We then build a coalition necessary to launch a theme that can effect change as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you’d like to learn more about the opportunities ahead for leaving your fingerprints on the place you call home, please contact us today.


Amplifier team