Sustainable health care for a sustainable planet

Amplifier team

Advocates for environmental protections within the health care industry have succeeded in advocating for better policies and raising demand for sustainable products and services. As a whole, the delivery of health care services has evolved with our understanding of the impact on people and the planet. As demand increases, affordable purchasing options are needed. Technological advances have a role to play as well. For example, hotel and university networks have benefitted from online exchanges that offer bulk and discount prices. These models can help the entire health care industry innovate and evolve in sustainable ways.


Amplifier seeks to accelerate this transformative marketplace and expanding the ripples of impact and sustainability that emerge from it. As the industry shifts to this critical wave it will have several needs–innovation, branding, technological solutions, modern digital platforms and e-commerce options.

Strong communications strategies and sophisticated digital experiences can spur greater interest and interaction from healthcare professionals seeking sustainable, practical and affordable solutions. By using effective on-and off-line communications to inspire participation from healthcare industry, Amplifer and our partners can scale environmentally sustainable practices and products that provide truly modern approaches to sustainable health care.

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Amplifier looks for time-bound, scalable solutions to large-scale impacts as the foundation for our collaborative initiatives. We start with research to uncover strategies and proven solutions. We then build a coalition necessary to launch a theme that can effect change as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you’d like to learn more about the opportunities ahead for leaving your fingerprints on the place you call home, please contact us today.


Amplifier team