The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Allison Duncan

Perhaps you have heard about Mavericks, the world-renowned spot for gigantic surf. Brave big-wave surfers flock there on a moment’s notice to ride Mavericks’ harrowing waves. To watch them is to watch a daring adventure.

That’s a bit what 2016 is like for mission-driven opportunities to create lasting social change. What once seemed unimaginable or impossible is now a thrilling call to action for visionary leaders and organizations.

Amplifier is diving deep into giant issues like climate change, extreme poverty, mass incarceration, education, resource sustainability and much more. The social sector has rising confidence that we can build and scale viable solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. Like the surfers of Mavericks, we are collectively taking a thrilling ride of global change.

Our new digital home

I am thrilled to launch the new digital home for Amplifier. We have poured our heart and soul into this website. We hope it represents our unique role as a partner and guide with leaders ready to tackle and solve critical issues. I invite you to look around and get caught up in this incredible moment in the world of social change.

Please learn more about how our partners are seizing the moment. Explore how together we create lasting solutions to the issues that matter most. And learn how you might get involved in our Collaborative Initiatives, which scale innovative programs in areas like extreme poverty and climate solutions.

Our team experiences the optimism of those we work with, whether it be an investor’s excitement about place-based investments or a talking to a disadvantaged woman who has grown from abject poverty to become a budding entrepreneur. The website is an expression of our hope and the power of human potential.

A partnership to create sustainable impact

If you are a visionary investor or change-maker who wants to find out more about what is possible, I look forward to hearing from you. Together we can catch the energy of this incredible moment and envision your role in it.

We would be honored to have you join us on this adventure at this moment in history where all the tools necessary—finance, technology, programs, partnerships—are available for us to use to create a greater good.

This is the opportunity of our lifetime.


Allison Duncan